Helpful FAQs

In between professional carpet cleaning, vacuuming your carpet twice a week is recommended. For high-traffic households with pets, children, or smokers, we recommend vacuuming your carpets between three to seven times a week. Cleaning helps remove the abrasive soils in your carpet pile that wear away at the carpet fibres.
Mould can be a big problem. If it is left on carpets for too long, not only can a permanent mark be left, but it can be harmful to your health. It is best to remove all traces of mould as soon as possible.At Carpet Cleaner In Sydney, we use a thorough mould treatment that prevents the mould from coming back.
A good general rule for the average household is to have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year. Regularly cleaned carpets last longer, are healthier and look better. Call the carpet cleaning experts at Carpet Cleaner In Sydney to book your yearly clean.
The methods we use to clean carpets is entirely safe for pets and children. It is preferable to keep your kids and critters off the carpet while it dries, but that’s for the best results from your carpet cleaning rather than for their health or safety.