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Carpet Cleaner In Sydney


Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning method, which is utilised in sanitising carpets and upholstered furniture. The technique is also an effective stain removal method. This technique uses a powerful hot water extraction machine, an agitating solvent/softener and hot water. Significantly contaminated carpets benefit from being steam cleaned, because the process ensures that pollutants are extracted along with the moisture deep from within the carpet fibres. Drying time is 2 to 24 hours.


Dry cleaning is suitable for less contaminated or more delicate carpets. It is also recommended when a short drying time is required. Dry cleaning techniques are gentle on the carpet fabric and can be applied at more regular intervals than the steam cleaning method. They are also the preferred option for carpets or rugs which may suffer adverse effects if steam cleaned. We will always assess your needs and advise you of your options so you can get the best service for your carpet, rugs and upholstery.
Carpet Cleaner In Sydney
Carpet Cleaner In Sydney


Carpet Cleaners In Sydney knows that your oriental rugs are more than just a beautiful decoration, they involve the investment of a great deal of money. Oriental rugs are often handmade originals that increase in value with time and with proper care and cleaning, your oriental rug can last for generations. We use gentle professional cleaning methods to ensure that your investment remains safe in our hands. Only properly trained professionals are allowed to handle these magnificent, but costly investments.


We ask that you sit back and relax. Our carpet cleaning crew will remove small items out of the areas and secure breakables as well. We can slide furniture out from its original position, clean underneath, and then place plastic tabs or styrofoam blocks under the legs and move it back. This ensures no damage will occur to the furniture from the slightly damp carpet, and that the carpet doesn’t become damaged from a wooden or metal leg.
Carpet Cleaner In Sydney
Carpet Cleaner In Sydney


1. We pre-vacuum your carpet with a high-speed industrial vacuum cleaner with a rotary brush which removes dust and dry soil.

2. After assessing all carpet stains we pre-treat all carpet stains using eco-friendly carpet stain removal.

3. We pre-spray the carpet with our specialised eco-friendly dry cleaning solutions that will release soils from the carpet pile allowing the dirt to be easily removed.

4. Carpets are then scrubbed and groomed to ensure a uniform look and feel. The end result will leave carpets looking great!


Carpet Cleaner In Sydney will vacuum the carpet prior to cleaning to ensure we remove as much fine dry soil and pet hair before we clean. We like to ensure the carpet has been thoroughly vacuumed ourselves so that we get the best end result possible. So leave the hard work to us!
Carpet Cleaner In Sydney

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